Organize your wedding in a perfect place requires some skills, months of searches and a great deal of organizing.
I’ll find for you the perfect place. I’ll guide you for the choice of the ceremony, the reception place,
so you can live an event that reflects your style.

Whether your wedding is traditional or full of fantasy, rustic or vintage, I’ll work on all the details
and listen carefully to all the things you want so I can make the difference and give you the emotion you want.

With my own touch, my starry-eye and my passion for decoration,
I’ll set up everything to give you surprising and touching moments,
so the married couple and their guests can have the time of their lives.
Your wedding will be beautiful, memorable and personalised!

« Magic was in the air » Véronique


Share with me all your desires, dreams and personal expectations and I’ll take care of the rest.
Together, we will decide on the colour codes in your wedding book,
and I’ll create, with talented people, all the structure and setting up,
all the decoration and the atmosphere, with one main goal: to create emotion and surprise.
As I’m working in a lot of places, both magical and out of the ordinary,
I’ll be able to figure out what’s on your mind in order to find for you the perfect place.

With my team, I’ll take care of the logistics, transportation of the guests and the married couple but also housing.
I’ll work with the best service providers, to different artists who’ll be able to meet your needs.

Flower arranging

Flower arranging

translates your feelings
and your style.


reflects your wedding’s theme.

The wedding cake

The wedding cake, is the star,
the one that your guests will admire.

The music

The music
leaves an atmosphere to your event.

Photos and videos

Photos and videos
catch the best moments.

Hairstyle and make up

Hairstyle and make up
matches your wedding dress.


of the married couple using the theme of your choice.

The welcome gift

The welcome gift
to remember the wedding.

I will submit you a questionnaire which will help me to pinpoint your desires,
tastes, personality, dreams, deal-breaker points and also how much you want to be involved in this.
Any kind of budget can find what it’s looking for!

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