« The most delicate pleasure is to do that of others. » Jean de la Bruyère


« Words can’t express what a pure joy this weekend was… It was a wonderful experience, everything was perfect! You are a true “chef” in charge of everything! You are fully authorized to run the best society of happiness organization! »

« You made us dream beyond our imagination. »

« I will never forget the past three days. That was such a perfect time, lulled by a smooth harmony! Thanks, and again congrats! »

« We are still thinking about Tuscany and the wonderful moments you offered us during this wonderful weekend! You were the perfect host, you paid attention to every detail, you organized things perfectly and you made this a weekend to remember! »
Joumana & Charles

« A big thank you for the party. It was to the occasion to bring our couples together and to celebrate in joy and happiness! We have to go back to work but we are still dreaming about Tuscany. »

« Thank you for the magical moments! Attention to detail, the message on the bed, the birds… we had nothing to worry about during these three days, just enjoy it! Thank you for the crazy things you do. »

« It was great. More than perfect!
Unforgettable! »

« It’s impossible to describe the joy and the fun we had during this weekend. You transposed your light spirit and your fantasy into our hearts and on our faces. Thank you again for this magic moment. »

« You have amazed us and made us dream, it was magical. We were moved by such regards... »


« Those friendly moments spent together were sublime. You have taken us to an otherworldly place.
Every single moment was magical! »

« I did not want to wake up this morning!
Thank you for this otherworldly week-end! Every bit of it was extraordinary. Every hour, every minute were unforgettable moments of intense friendship and love. Thank you again! »

[in Venice]

« You are like a gigantic dream factory, sweet Nocoletta.
We will always follow you in your incredible journeys. Such wild imagination enchants us. Thank you for your generosity. »

« Dear Nicoletta!
Thank you for having made me dream!
In Venice, I could not have wished for more,
You had me thriving on
Your breath of fresh air, your chimeras...
I could touch your floodit dreams
From a suprise to another
You dazzled me...
Tears of joy I sure have shed!
From my memory, could not be erased
All those sweet moments of rare intensity! »

« A huge thank you for having organised my birthday party!
You had me spend a sweet moment of revery. Magic was in the air.
This so dreaded passage to my fifties went on incredibly smoothly and was a delightful and unforgettable moment. I was paralysed by the emotion, I would like to experience all those moments of rare beauty again. It will forever be etched in my memory. »

« I am weeping with joy, still in shock... So many positive emotions. »

« An ocean of thanks... »

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