There are wonderful places where I can organize your event or wedding throughout the year.
Many of them are in Italy, others are in Mediterranean countries all over Europe.

Have a dream and I'll make it true...


Tuscany is captivating. A wonderful scene scattered with old castles, behind alleys of cypress and olive trees which were such an inspiration for painters. What a delight to stroll in Florence, the famous Renaissance cradle. People rush to discover Sienna, designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and its hidden treasures behind its ramparts. It’s a rare beauty that makes Tuscany the perfect land for dreamers, artists and lovers.


Venice, the city of love, enthrals by its authenticity and colours. Enjoy a cup of good coffee in Piazza San Marco, to the sound of mandolins which enchant passers-by and leave an unforgettable memory in their mind. Say hi to the gondolier Paolo and let your mind travel to the sound of his music, under the Rialto bridge. Step over a vaporetto and go have a look at the colourful Burano rainbow, and the stunning Murano glasswork. At sunset, put your best costume and make sure you put a mask on as well!


In Rome, wherever you are, take a moment to appreciate all the sights, it is an incredible show. Rome is like an open-air museum. You just have to let yourself travel, smell the heady perfume of pizzas and go to make a wish at the Fontana di Trevi. How wonderful it is to walk around the narrow streets.

Amalfi Cost

Popular among the Italian jet set, the Amalfi Cost, offers you incredible viewpoints on Naples’ bay, like the beautiful Capri island or Positano. The Amalfi Cost is a pure treasure. Its wonderful villas and luxurious gardens dazzle. It’s the real pearl of the South of Italy, which attracts each year many events, and delights photographers.

Italian lakes

The Italian lakes are truly a haven of peace. Their quaint villages and hidden coves, where the sun flirts with blue waters, make it an idyllic place which seduces each year many directors. Whether you’re on a boat or on a villa’s panoramic terrace, you’ll completely enjoy your stay and this will be a unique time, full of elegance and serenity.


Sicily is welcoming and fascinating. It is a rich island, by its culture and incredible lifestyle. Baroque palaces, medieval streets from Syracuse, volcanic lands from Catane and seaside resort from Taormine merge perfectly all together, In Sicily, all your senses will be alert. Well-known all around the world, Sicily will enchant you and give you magical times.


Time seems to have stopped in Pouilles. With its traditional villages, little streets and typical kitchen, everything is well matched and offer you incredible surroundings. Next to a blue sea and white buildings, Pouilles will welcome you in its "masserias" and it will be the perfect match between nature and authenticity. You’ll love to discover its lands, discover new landscapes, new wealth and smells from Italy… Pouilles is truly a hidden treasure.


Paris is the most beautiful city in the world. It symbolises by itself French elegance. Beauty is always celebrated, through architecture of Hausmanian buildings or through well-known fashion designers. The city is full of coffee places, terraces, any places where you’ll be able to meet hundreds of people. It’s also the city of love. At the bottom of the shinning Eiffel Tower, or to the sound of Sacré Coeur’s guitars, it’s the ideal city for people who are in love.

In Normandy, time seems to have stopped as well. The area is full of sumptuous old houses, offering all their visitors incredible hues of wooden colours. All year round, Normandy is comforting. When the sun comes back, colourful parasols appear, throughout Deauville beach. When snow appears, people take refuge next to luxurious fireplaces in hotels, and drink a cup of hot chocolate. An authentic region in France that we always go back to.

Provence-Cote d’Azur is at the heart of France. Its typical markets and coloured houses evoke in people’s minds warmth and generosity. Whether you’re next to a beautiful swimming pool in a villa or at the terrace of a restaurant in front of the sea, the sound of cicadas will appease you and protect you. The surroundings are full of blue, mallow and green tones. Further away, the white sand of luxurious beaches and the blue of the Mediterra!


Andalusia is probably one of the most beautiful area of Spain, thanks to its landscapes but also to its history. Its beautiful Arab palaces, its cosmopolite cities and beautiful haciendas’ gardens will attract and delight you. Sevilla, Granada, Cordoba, each area will bring you something wonderful. Viva Andalucía! Sun, conviviality, tapas, flamenco and sea… That’s a great place to wander!


Portugal is the country of getaways. We love strolling within Alfama’s streets in Lisbon, go for a walk in Ribeira and admire the beautiful houses in the Porto neighbourhood. We also love to travel on a Barcos Rabelo, a small boat which makes you discover 7 bridges of the city and enables you to relax in a small cove. Portugal hides a lot of little secrets. The welcoming is really warm, and the food is excellent! That is why this small country attracts a lot of tourists.


Greece is probably the most paradisiacal destination in Europe. Overhanging the turquoise waters and Greek villas, Greece is the perfect place for open-air events. Greek culture is captivating, and still marked by its mythology, temples and theatres. The islands are incredibly beautiful, whether it is Crete, Santorin or Mykonos (the best place to party!).


Croatia is a country full of hidden treasures. If Zagreb, the capital, sometime stuns by its architectural and cultural richness, the luxuriant nature and wild landscapes of the provinces makes it a real haven of peace. The wonderful cascades and lakes right next to the pine forests will leave you speechless. On the seaside, there are plenty of small villages and hidden coves. A small boat trip on the Adriatic is the best way to discover the beauty of the islands, some of which are still inhabited.

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